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Top 10 unknown & Interesting Facts About India.That you don't know

Top 10  unknown & Interesting Facts About India.That you don't know

Top 10  unknown & Interesting Facts About India.That you don't know

India - The country which is rich in culture, is packed with millions of stories telling people from generation to generation, from generation to generation Jem, one of the world's largest population, century old, traditional and cultural in every sense and in the land Inch, the home for the most exotic females of the planet of mankind, in which the long-dominated British rule and the home of God and spiritual beings as the country, and India is generally considered incorrectly by the world as a poverty, dirty people, broken buildings, developed developed cities etc. Yet there are some things that the world does not know, which can instantly change their mind. Below we want to cover top 10 interesting facts about India.

1.Indian Railways system

The Indian Railways has an aggregate of just about 1.4 million workers which is relatively equivalent to or bigger than the number of inhabitants in numerous little nations; nations like Mauritius, Iceland, Monaco, Vatican City, Estonia, and so on. Simply naming a couple…

Indian Railways is one of the biggest rail arranges on the planet. Indian railroad course length arrange spread more than 115,000 km, in which 12,617 traveler trains and 7,421 trains of trains convey 23 million travelers and 3 million tons (MT) cargo from 7,349 stations each day. India's railroad organize is thought to be one of the world's biggest rail line frameworks under single administration.

Notwithstanding having the vitality proficient and monetary method of transport and transport, the railroad arrange is additionally perfect for long separation travel and mass product development. Indian Railways was the favored transporter of car in the nation, in which vehicle activity expanded by 16 percent in 2017-18.

2.A Fact about the National Capital Territory of Delhi

Delhi is the official name of Delhi by way of National Capital Territory of Delhi; And this is the world's second largest megacity. Surprisingly, India has three megacity, which is more than China.

3.Its more Multilingual than others

It is not surprising that multi-languages ​​are spoken by the native native of India, due to the many basic factors, which spend a lot of time with the flow of tourists from other countries traveling regularly and this fact Due to India, there are not all those dumps because the quality of education has improved and it has been upgraded as well as has been implemented by local people of India as well. Yes Modern Indians can be found scattered around colleges and universities, where ultimately they are forced to learn more than their mother tongue. Ethnologue gives a list of 415 languages ​​spoken by thousands of people spread in India.

4. Has larger mega-cities

Estimated 23.3 million people live in a city in New Delhi alone !! Which is larger than the amount of population of the country. In India, 23 million people living in a city, Kolkata is home to 16 million, 600 people and we are just starting, there is still a lot but the fact is that with so many people, this majority fills the whole Are the world's population completely and can you imagine that many people living in every city meet with these cities? This is definitely a big crowd of life and no wonder God sometimes sends some horrible natural calamities like tsunami, hurricane Katrina and earthquake etc. To wipe out a few thousand people at one go so that others can easily breathe and to make a new life again in a slow form.

5.Biggest consumer and producer of Mangoes in the world

The facts of India now flows in another crazy side different from the interesting. Whereas in India, due to the heavy population of road accidents, it will be more than expected, who would have thought that Tuesday will be the largest demand and demand in India? Does this imply all Indians are veggie lovers, no! Everyone loves Mars, regardless of which caste, race or country, fruit is the most natural form of life, after all the principles that Christianity and Eve, which have an ancient belief in Christianity, have still been prophesied. If they used to go on a restricted fruit which was eventually the birth of mankind which we have today. People are entitled to their beliefs and we respect it, but here is one fact that India is the world's largest consumer and creator of Mars. It is certainly undoubtedly also that it is actually the largest consumer and producer who is seeing that India's land is the largest in the world, so you can imagine how many common trees and fields are scattered all over the country. For every common dinner in India, let's go to the world alone. General production in India has been reported to be about 15,250,000 tonnes in 2012 and is more than China, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh and Nigeria. Here we were talking about the production of Mango in India alone.

6.India’s First rocket was brought and transported on a bicycle

The most interesting fact of India's most insane yet, comes from those things which are seen to be the most unique, unusual, extraordinary by the rest of the world, yet it is full of legacy, history and traditional values ​​for this original land. Makes it unique and unique as well. India's first rocket was brought and it was carried on the bicycle! It is humiliating and difficult to believe but is absolutely right. It is difficult for a person to ride another person on a bicycle, which is designed to ride for a person, can you imagine a rocket transport, a strange village up-router that hit hundreds If thousands of people arrive with explosive effect, then not a bicycle in which there is no motor and is operated by a person is as crazy as India can get But still, India is also known for doing some of the most fun things in the world and it is great to catch the media attention around the world in any way they want to make it famous for it. During this cycle transport there could have been something wrong which could mean that the careless death of hundreds of innocent people should be crashed and it should be used against India by enemy countries etc. The rocket has been happily taken safely and launched. 12 years after the first rocket launch, India successfully launched another 350 in 350. Bravo India!


India's film industry delivers the most astounding number of movies every year, around 1100 movies for each year out of which just 200 are Bollywood items. Most Indian movies originate from Chennai and Hyderabad in Tamil and Telugu, which are two regular dialects ​​of South India.

8.India has the Largest Post Network

In order to make the Postal Network a skilled, there is a post office in almost every city, city and village in India to make it the world's largest post network.

    The postal division is the foundation of the correspondence system of India and has been the focal point of financial advancement of the nation for as far back as 150 years. It has touched the lives of every citizen, whether through mail, banking, insurance, money transfer or retail services. On March 31, 2011, India has the world's largest postal network with 1,54,866 post offices, out of which 1,39,040 (89.78 percent) are in rural areas. On average, a post office serves a population of 21.23 sq. Km and a population of 7,814 people (5929 in rural areas and 23828 in urban areas).

The main activity of the department is the processing, transmission and distribution of mail, which is collected from more than 5.7 lakh letter boxes, which are processed by the network of mail offices and expressed across the country by rail, road and airlines. Considering the critical need to provide the benefits of technology to the customers, counter operations are now being gradually computerized to provide a large range of services to the customer from a single window, from which prompt and effort free services Meet.

9.India Never Invaded any Country

In its entire existence, which is almost 100,000 years, India has never attacked a country. India is also called the world's most peaceful country, or so popular belief says.

10.The Largest Gathering in the world

According to the records, about 100 million people are known as Kumbh Mela, making them the largest gathering of human beings all over the world.