Sunday, June 24, 2018



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1. Keep mosquito away from taking vitamin B in the summer.

2. If your phone is scratched on the screen then put it on the toothpaste screen.

3. If you are downloading a PDF file and have the last name .EXE, then it can be a virus.

4. Bathing with cold water keeps the skin healthy and the stress is removed.

5. Use toothpaste if your clothes are injected.

6. Aluminum paper can increase the range of weak signals.

7. If your phone is hanged, put it on charging, it will start your phone fast.

8. On the day you have a birthday, give a gift to your mother. This day is also special for them.

9. If you are searching on Google Computer Problem then search by typing Solved together, this will get you the solution quickly.

10. Whenever you are with your boss and supervisor, do not say to them, "Can you do this for me, instead you would say," can you show me how to do it "

11. The chemical which occurs when we feel hurt is the same chemical when we feel like an ignorant.

12. Almost our brain repeats only more than half the memories.

13. It is enough for only 4 minutes to fall in love with a girl.

14. It is true that people who laugh more than they suffer most.

15. The brain of 90% people thinks that we can move towards childhood for a moment.

16. If you have to buy a car then you will always get discounts purchased in the last month of the month.

17. If you have to repeat the song on YouTube then you can open Repeat YouTube site.

18. Listen to music less stress

19. If a part of your body is burnt then put toothpaste on it

20. If you have a fish smile in your hands then wash your toothpaste.

21. If you are going on a long drive at night then listening to the comedy will save you from sleeping

22. Shortcut of Ctrl + Shift + T KEY will open the last tab which you have closed in your internet browser

23. Sometimes a taxi driver asks you whether he wants to stay in the area where he wants to go, so that he lied, yes I remain the same, it will save both your time and money.

24. If your girlfriend's mood is bad then take her somewhere to eat.

25. If your accident has happened then never say sorry before.

26.The number of bacteria present on human body is much higher than the number of organisms on earth.

27.Honey is one of the things to eat that is never bad. This can be gauged from the fact that when historians tasted honey from the pyramids of thousands of years old Egypt, then they were in a suitable condition.

28.If a person does not eat without eating, he can live for several days or weeks but he can live only till 10-11.

29.Cat is an animal that spends 65% of its life by sleeping.

30.A born baby can not weep for nearly 5-6 months, because by that time her lacrimal glands do not develop the asula's gland.

31.A mosquito can live only for 24 hours. Also the mosquito attracts the most towards Neel.