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Today i am going to discuss the GK questions about odisha 

              : MIXED QUIZ:
1.When was odisha formed as a separate state ?

2.In which year the capital of odisha was shifted from cuttack to Bhubaneswar
answer -in 1949

3.Who was known as Bhumiputra ?
answer-Biju pattanaik

4.How many are there National parks in odisha ?

5.Name the two National parks of odisha?
answer-simlipal &bhitarkanika

6.In which year nandan kanan zoo was set up at Bhubaneswar?

7.what is the numbers of district in odisha?

8.what is the total area of odisha?

9.what is odisha share of the area of India?

10.what is the largest district of odisha?
Ans- Mayurbhanja

11.Name the smallest district of odisha?
Ans- jagastingpur.

12.What is the  total length of coast line of odisha?

13.Largest river of odisha ?
Ans- Mahanadi

14.Name the highest mountain of Esternghat situated in odisha?

15.what is the name of airport of Bhubaneswar?
Ans- Biju pattanaik international airport


Odisha the land of beauty and peace have shinning lake's ,sea, green forest ,colourful wildlife,beautiful Hill's and mountains and the rich tribal life living there .....
16.The golden triangle of odisha tourism is?
Ans-puri,konark and Bhubaneswar

17.which place of odisha is known as kashmir of odisha ?
Ans- Daringbadi

18.Name the monument of odisha which has been kept in world heritage site list?
Ans- konark sun temple

20.Name the waterfall made by machhakund rive in koraput dist.

21.Rajarani  temple is in which city ?

22.Baliharchandi temple is situated in which place ?

23.Name the  highest waterfall of odisha ?
Ans- khandadhar

24.Name the two famous Hill's near Bhubaneswar ?
Ans-khandagiri & Udayagiri

25.Which place of odisha is known as Tulasi khetara?
Ans- kendrapada   

26.Name the longest dam of world situated in odisha ?
Ans-Hirakud Dam 

27.The only hide and seek beach of odisha is?

Ans-Chandipur Beach

28.The largest fresh water lake of odisha is?

Ans- Anshupa 

29.Which is the largest lake of odisha by area ? 


30.what is the name of the waterfall near Harishankar temple at the foot of gandhamardhan hill in Bolangir district?


31.Name the near bhawanipatana in kalahandi dist.?

Ans-phurali jharan 

32.Name the famous Temple of lord shiva situated in koraput dist. near jaipur ?

33.The largest hot spring of odisha situated near khordha town ?

Ans- Atari

34.Name the famous lake of Bhubaneswar which is supposed to consist of waters from all rivers and lakes of india 


35.Name the hill of Bhubaneswar situated on the bank of daya river where ashoks rock edicts have been found

Ans- Dhauligiri